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This is part of the PnPG Steel Realms Destiny group, and tied to the Dunstrand Rising – The Beginning campaign…

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Backdrop of Dunstrand: War has been brewing in the north for years. The forces of Gwinn have taken islands and coastal communities and is at war with the Norther Merchant Cities and Umbak. Dunstrand remained neutral until the Tarmysian Peninsula was invaded. Tarmysia and the rest of Dunstrand are separated by a thin neck of jagged hills, with seasonal access only through a place called Gillman Pass. The Scar Flow and Dwindor Swamp provide an impenetrable barrier after that. The forces of Gwinn have held onto Tarmysia for a year or more now. The old Riverdan territories may have a role in what happens to Dunstrand – a key part in a plot which involves the party...

The group will be venturing for a prolonged trek into the ancient lands along the river, on a mission for The Surefoot Merchant Coster. See an Overview of the Riverdans...

Events Preceding the Campaign

  • 9141 CY, Month 5, +8 days; Belim arrive in Bar-Innis on order of his superiors to find out more about what’s going on there and a group called The Band of Crows
  • 9141 CY, Month 5, +10 days; Belim travels with the crows and finds Troubles in Mosshaven
  • 9141 CY, Month 5, +25 days; Belim leaves The Band of Crows to return to Dunstrand City for the Faire.
  • CY 9141, Month 6, Day 1-7; The Dunstrand Faire
  • CY 9141, Month 6, Day 20 – Hareen Bladeheart, of the Crows of Bar-Innis, has a vision and is chosen by Rastur, lord of Lions, to go north and do try and defeat The Confessor – high priest of Elancil. Many flock to his standard.
  • 9141, Month 8, Day 6; The Crows enter the north lands on their quest; some have stayed behind to divide the agents of Gwinn.
  • 9141, Month 9, Day 19; The Band of Crows kill The Confessor (The Gwinnish forces religious leader) in an epic bloody battle
  • 9142, Month 1, Day 4; Holy War is declared by Gwinn
  • 9142, Month 2, Day 25; Bounty for the Band of Crows posted by the forces of Gwinn
  • 9142, Month 3, Day 7; Word comes out from the north that Northgate Garrison is under full scale attack, somehow a cult of Malek is involved
  • CY 9142, Month 4, Day 24; The Rosewood Vase, symbol of the north’s salvation, is miraculously returned to the Temple of Aerna at Karolak
  • CY 9142, Month 4, Day 25; Signs of famine in the north; military campaigns slow in the north
  • 9142, Month 4, Day 27; News of Hareen Bladeheart’s death at the hands of one of the Lich Kings himself; heroes of the previous generation died trying to save him from the fallen lord of undeath.
  • 9142, Month 5 – The forces of Gwinn retreat from Bar-Innis (though still occupy Tarmysia) and the bounty is rescinded; things begin to calm down.

Ancient Blood

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