Ancient Blood

Caverns of the Bolg Morda

9142, Month 7, Day 9; Belim, Vraxen, Ace, Grumwell, Beeddel, and Bill Clay

Initially Beeddel and Belim are both knocked unconscious. The group tries to hush the screaming hunters that fell with them, but it is too late – they can hear in the distance sounds of movement. After getting their bearings, out of the darkness comes a man dress in rags – Riebar.

Story of Riebar

Riebar the thief has survived for years in the caverns. He is mad now, but continues to lurk and skulk and survive. The denizens are aware of his presence, but because he does not try to hurt them, and they cannot seem to find him easily, the consensus is that he should be left to his own design – he killed three hunters that tried to capture him. He came down with his friends, having been in the caverns before and fought their way out. He and his companions – The Strayhearts (out of Eliek-Sa; but journeyed far and wide, hence the name) were following the lead of the magus Birman Orc-Bane, searching for buried treasure in the forgotten Riverdans and came under the effect of The Suffering Tread. Half the band was lost in the initial battle with the giant half troll, half beast that dwells int he cavern – the Bolg Morda; and the rest vowed revenge. Birman was able to use his items to escape being exiled forever into The Deeping. They returned to kill the Bolg Morda, armed with Neerciss – the Spear of Rage. This artifact from their travels is an old Orrish weapon that they found in a burial cavern deep under the Tolkisson range, before Riebar came to the group. He and Bordlen retrieved it from an old pond it had been sunk in. Encased in an iron prison, the spear was transported to Gnedford City environs. The group was being pursued by local rangers, and they were trying to avoid being located and upsetting the locals. They were brought under the Suffering Tread, the effect landed them nearly right on top of a settlement, they were overcome and all but him slain. The spear lies in a pond of water – a pond sacred to some foul dark god worshipped by the under-dwellers. Riebar has witnessed the Bolg Morda slay a few dozen adventurers over the last few years.

Exploring the Caverns


The Bolg Morda is lured by the hunters who fell and Bill Clay. They stand heroically, but are completely and utterly wiped out (Bill Clay DIES) – the rest of the group attacks tactically while the expendables go down – the Bolg Morda is nearly killed. He is driven off.

The scouts find a Supply Room: This is where the skins, dyes, tools, and few supplies of this modest clergy are stored. All the sacred rites for the larger ceremony at the pool – bowls, tallow, etc. are stored here. Together the group jokingly assembles a plan to dupe the inhabitants that they have seen venerating the rough statue next to a reliquary filled with debris.

With Grumwell posing as Everdark, the group fools the goblins into attacking the Bolg Morda! The caverns are turned into a nightmare of savegery as the multitudes of goblins and humanoids one time servants of the half troll turn against it. Wounded and in fury, the caves run red with blood. The Orrish leaders, convinced their god was directing them, all die in the fight. The group slinks the the blood spatered caversn, searching for the giant’s lair where the their they caught told them was a magical device that could get them out.

9142, Month 7, Day 11; The group gets into his chambers, and Grumwell uses his limited knowledge of the items to transport them group back to the surface!


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