Ancient Blood

Duel at Osic Bridge

Fallout From the Battle of Deniros Glade

The agenst of East River Run will claim that the two men were murdered by the party while they were pursuing the bandits. There is the threat of reprisal and the PC’s will be targeted with a smear campaign and family forced to pay fines and threats of higher taxes. Everyone knows that they were aiding the bandits, but there will be no way to prove it that will not be crushed in either political or economic means.

Balban of Ikribu

The meeting will be overseen by the Church of Light, priest Balban of Ikribu. If the PC’s can bribe them with 1000 silver crowns, they will force the baron to back off. Balban will take a dislike to the group, as he will sense their Wyld faith influence and the poiwer of Dunstrand.

The Baron Grus Sherwald, agent of Count Griswold accuses them of disturbing the peace. The penalty is either 3 months in jail and a hefty fine, or to be declared outlaw. The church of Ikribu and Balban will intervene for roughly half the party’s silver – to ‘support’ the legal system and as a fine. The party pays the fine, saving face for all, the Oighnan family is very pleased.

The group will be challenged in a travesty of justice. A minor knight from the north will be brought in and claim to represent East River Run, who feels wronged. They will challenge Sir Robert Carlin of East River Run; knight errant.

Beedel Feels Dunstrand Calling

You feel an overwhelming draw to the water, the river under the bridge – there is power there, power that can be given to Vraxen.

You feel the power of the land rush through you as you drop your companion’s body beneath the surface. His eyes go wide as he hears singing while under the surface! He struggles and then calms, staring at you through the rushing water and you both feel a charge. As you hold his chest with one hand, you plunge the other into the water, grasping his other hand and pull him upright, while he gasps and sputters. You stare at each other, sensing some subtle power at work which used Beedel as a conduit – though involved neither of you overtly. The Priest of Balthazaar stares hard at you, and though he tries to challenge the ceremony, he can find no mystic power at work.

Vraxen Tilts with Sir Robert Carlin

9142, Month 7, Day 21

Sir Stuart loans Vraxen his horse – cutting it up as collateral in case he loses. He also loans him a shield of the family – a metal jousting shield, well made and beautiful. Sir Robert wears ring mail, a helm, a shield and carried a nicely worked broadsword – a small fortune’s worth. The combatants saddle up. Vraxen is using all his concentration and does not fight in his normally boisterous way. After a couple passes, Vraxen is nearly killed. A massive wound in his side gaps from a lance. He barely hangs on to wheel and make what seemed to be his last charge. Instead, Vraxen unhorses Sir Robert! He falls from his horse, does not fall into the river, but scrambles up, staggering, drawing his sword. Vraxen stops for amoments and everyone can see him contemplate riding his enemy down. Belim motions to do the noble thing and Vraxen dismounts. On foot and in his element, he begins his usual swagger and trash talk. The combants clash for a few rounds, Both staggering and bordering on death. Sir Robert makes a mis-step, one which everyone can see. Vraxen takes advantage – having not the “knightly” scruples of his opponent and delivers a viscous upper cut as he moves past. Sir Robert’s head flied back, his helm spinning and his throat gushing blood. Gurgling, he staggers, falls, and crawls a couple feet away, towards Balban… finally dieing messily in the dirt.

The entire crowd was holding its breath, and now shouts in unison. Balban scowls, knowing his faith has been showed up as well as his allies. Vraxen is carried on the shoulders of the smallfolk, the party quickly get him away from the crowd – afraid of a knife between the ribs in the press.

The Camps Meet to Pay Respect

The body of Sir Robert, fallen in battle, is picked up and delivered to his retinue. A group consisting of a few servants, his squire, Balban – Priest of Ikribu, the man Harpher Knap, and a pair of attendant acolytes of the Lightbringer faith. One, a woman, confirms Sir Robert’s Death. Balban does not look happy – he knows he has lost the challenge of faith. For him, its now become personal and you realize you probably lost any goodwill the bribe to the church once bought you. Seeing Harpher in the retinue, Vraxen grumbles, and has to be calmed as he shouts for his death and chastises the group for not killing Harpher sooner.

Riebar, the haggard thief trailing in the background suddenly perks up as he nears the retinue of Sir Robert. He points at Harpher Knap and shouts "You! You! I know you! I was there, i saw it! Gods have mercy on you! You were dead, now the ghost returns! "

After a few moments of stunned silence, Vraxen throws out a crude comment about weak willed thieves to break the ice. Balban tells Vraxen his spoils will be sent – the sword, the shield, pavillion and and the horse. The armor is ruined, but is his to keep too. Mostly in silence the 2 groups part and the body of Sir Robert is taken away for cleansing and burial.


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