Ancient Blood

Escalating Banditry in Belmain

Attack on the Darrow Bros. Farm

Attack on Swone Family and Neighbors

Meeting Sir Stuart

Over the next few weeks, the baron will put together a force and make forays into Belmain – in the name of subduing the ‘bandit scourge’ and enforcing the peace along trade routes using the authority that the Nanford Accord of 8710 gives him.

“I fear for Belmain. The Twin River powers for years have been looking for a way into our fiefdom. From the looting of our ruins, to the institution of their Lightbringer faith, their reasons pile up into mounting aggression. Our old familes – few of them have the means to stave off. Without the aid of outsiders, even now we would not be able to hold against them. The injustice of the Nanford Accord sends a stench across these lands and the Duke’s desire to change it is embroiled in politics. The money flows from the north and the blood flows across the river in the south. This escalation must stop or it wil result in occupation. I must ask you to aid us – not just me, but all of the folk here, in stopping this so-called banditry. My people know that land better than any others – it is still theirs by that much. They say that a force of several dozen is gathering at Deniros Glade. Can you ride there, with my soldiers and what volunteers we can raise, and meet them in battle? We have little to offer in way of reward, but our gratitude is a long memory and always a safe hearth.”

Battle at Deniros Glade

Oighnan family is told they must not intervene directly (by order of Baron Sherwald), but bands of armed men roaming their land is hurting trade and scaring he smallfolk. Yjr family and crafters have put together a small force of 30 men and have decided that they are going to confront the ‘bandits’. A couple that die are wearing the colors of East River Run -


Battle at Deniros Glade = 1 CP, 3 AP

Escalating Banditry in Belmain
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