Ancient Blood

Hunting the Fay Elf

After Serdof

Finding Belia and elves, the party tells them they have returned with the Blue Gris
> “By the cleansing rains of Pthyia, you have done it. Our people and the lands of humans also thank you. Even now, the priestess in the Briarwood can feel the shadow lifting… you have done a good thing here today. The Blue Gris will go back to its place and the Callyberg family’s trust is restored; our pledge is kept. Too long have we spent outside of the cool shade of the boughs – we must return to the place you call Grebell Forest… but know that you may call upon Belia and the elves there if you ever have need. Simply whisper my name three times at the edge of the woods and wait – one of the people will find you. And after all this, i have one last task to ask of you. There is still one of those of our kind, one who has strayed and who whispers to his ancestors now and desecrates their memory. You have returned to us 2 of the 3 Fay of our kind but i must ask that you seek the last. He has gone into the woods and is using his corruption to make himself unseen to us. He is not far – of that we are sure. His condition is advanced and he is weak. I must ask this last culling of you – can you do this for us?”

The elves heal three of the group, but cannot repair gear. Time is of the essence.

Belia says “The people will not impede your way, nor will the woods. He tnered the Grebell there” – and she points to a spot between 2 large trees. “We will not see each other again until you choose to call in your favor. When you have put our Fay brother to rest, leave him and what he carries in the woods – we will come later to collect it. I wish you well, elf-friends.” The elves file past you in single file, touching you gently as they march past. A breeze carries a flowery scent, you feel rested and dizzy – smiling elven faces of the opposite sex remain in your visions as you try and ground yourself and you realize they have literally vanished into the forest in an instant.

- Beedel is left with a wicked bone dagger – an elven weapon; his connection to the spirit of the land allows him to wield it without it withering.

Beedel tracks for 12 hours…

The fay elf tries a lasso, spike and deadfall trap. All the while, we hear him laughing in front of us, drawing us onward…

As the rest of the group is caught in a deadfall trap behind Beedel, he swings down from the trees and tries to kill the one person who can pursue him further. He strikes a terrible blow (81 points!) which Deedel barely survives (if not for Hayden’s Pumice Shield spell protecting him), stays on his feet, and grabs the elf. Everyone melees and throws what they can and Belim strikes the critical final blow once again.

The group leaves the body and sword behind… the woods part and lead them the quickest way out, exiting near Serdof again.


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