Ancient Blood

Kidnapping of the Flanders

The Flight From Elancil’s Revenge

The rain is puring, creating a slippery field. The group decides to simply run through the ring of skeleton warriors and take their lumps. Beedel falls once, and Horace twice – but eventually all the group wins free. Cold and hungry, with Grumwell sorely wounded, they make their way back to the horse picket guarded by Pegren Whitehall, saddle up, and begin a 2 day journey home. Elancil pours cold rain upon them the entire time, slows their progress. During this, they are attacked by what seem to be brigands. Horace is tumbled from his saddle in last place in line, and beaten with shouts telling him to leave Horpan! The ‘brigands’ escape in the semi-dark, cold and brush.

Return to Broken Spear Ford

+2 days; Vraxen falls ill. Jiles tries to pray over him but Vraxen will have none of it. “I aint REAL sick yet, boy!” he says. He gets worse, incapacitated from the soaking rain and cold.

The Kidnapping

+1 day

Checking the Facts

Turns out the victim (Sira Sebastion) has a bad reputation locally, and may be linked to Harper Knap. He wants “justice” and offers 100 silvers each to kill the kidnapers – notable is his lack of comment on the fate of his wife and son.

Parley with the Kidnappers

+1 day
One of the Jennings borthers agrees to a parley. Belim strikes a cord though, and he offers his family fortune’s location if the party goes and gets Sebastion (or kills him). They will not release the hostages, but dont seem to have a plan other than to make Sebastion suffer. Belim tells them that Sira Sebastion does not seem to care too much about his family and more about revenge. No agreement is reached.

Contemplating The Situation

There is a long debate over the fate of all groups involved. Jiles is swayed by his local sentiments. After much discussion, the group decides to leave the local situation to sort itself out. Belim notes that there is no good option here without breaking either the law or their own conscience.

Leaving The Fief of Horpan

+2 days
Finally, at the crossroads to the west, the group takes the south road into the fief of Bondeu, towards to town of Serdof.


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