Ancient Blood

Terrovare and the Return to Tadeus

Stealing back their gear, its r & r time

9142, Month 7, Day 12; The party returns to the surface lands of Belmain only to find that all their mounts and any equipment has vanished. The ruins of Gnedfort City stand in the distance, and the party decides to put as much distance between themselves and the dead city as they can. The village of Terrovere is the closest locale – where they were threatened before and likely where the hunters followed them from.

The group approaches, tired and sore under the cover of darkness. It is easy to steal back their supplies and mounts form the unsuspecting villagers who believe they are dead. The locales have not even made much of an effort to hide them – they must have believed the party to be dead. Beeddel remarks that the theft of the horses and gear seem more of an act of opportunism than outright hostility. There’s no evidence to connect the locals with the quality and organization of Steel Eyed Pete.

Having found the proof they needed from the crypt of the Crithomyssis family on Rom’s Mount, they wearily head back towards Tadeus, hoping to report back to Sir Stuart on their success, and to get healing and replacement supplies from the Darrow Brothers Crofters – agents of the Shady Rock Merchant Coster… Tadeus lies only a few slow hours travel in the dark away. The group can probably make the Darrow Brothers farm before sun up, before anyone can see them.

False dawn breaks in the east as the group sends Beedel to rouse a couple hands on the farm. Two teamsters and the groomsman – a man named Jiles Swone – aid the party in unpacking and stowing their gear. No one asks questions, despite the wounded nature of the party… Jiles takes Belim aside and says that he wishes to speak to him of a serious matter later. He shows Belim his holy symbol – the lord of beasts – and says that Daruphet the father and Rastur, lord of lions wishes his servant to assist their party. Belim looks grimly and nods…”Later though – there is much to discuss”...

As Vraxen files past, Jiles steps out and offers his hand. “Its an honor sir… to meet the famous Vraxen! Your duel with Dolgrath Pritchard is legendary in these parts. Well, sir, its just amazing that you are here… i hope to talk to Belim about joining you group and it would be my pleasure to serve in your company.” Vraxen just sort of stares and grins… everyone has stopped, the exuberance overwhelming all else momentarily. “Gosh kid, maybe after i get some ale and shut-eye we can talk…” He shambles off to throw himself down on a pile of hay, kick his boots off and shout for ale.



  • Grumwell – Sorc level had to be +1 to get novice rank
  • Grumwell – Cannot use adherent rank; ranks better spread out now
  • Grumwell – more mana
  • All others – Add CHI; should take Kinetic Faculty
Terrovare and the Return to Tadeus
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