Ancient Blood

The Road to Zerburre

Belim: Unless the party feels otherwise, I think we should stay away from prying eyes: no insignia, no group name, no confirm/deny on our activities. That said, confirming rumors about a nameless party of unknowns, and exaggerating their exploits somewhat, can’t hurt (for now at least.) The completely unknown is a hell of a lot scarier than everyone knowing it’s just us schlubs. We’ll stick to our mundane cover stories for now.

Not claiming credit for the freeing of Serdof – its a big deal… it means the group may go without the means to recoup some losses, but its better for accomplishing their mission – everyone agrees.

Hayden mentions that we would rather take a longer way – the priestess mentioned that to get to know the people, the best way was to go through the heartlands and through Pellan and Spanlet rather than direct to Zerburre City. This also coincides with Belim’s plan – as they will not arrive on the road from Serdof then. On their march, they hear about possible troubles between 2 religious factions. In Pellan, they notice there seem to be more women and children then there should be – but there have been no wars to decimate the population of men.

Zerburre City

One of the first things you notice is the strong Lightbringer presence. A well wishing from Aerna stands above a gatehouse to the city. It is also the first walled city you have seen. It was obviously once a majestic city… and although it would be highly defensible, only 2 guards stand at the gate and none seem to man the walls themselves. They stop you and asked the business of armed strangers. Seeking the Burren clan family, you are pointed to the obvious castle at the highest point in the city. The soldiers pay proper respects to those proper followers of faith – even those not their own. The guards make sure you understand that there is a rule of law. Keep your bows unstrung and weapons sheathed at all times – no bare blades under order of the marshall except to defend your life under similar attack. Violence is unwelcome here.

Zerburre Castle

The guards at the gate tense as you draw near and form up. You are asked to present some sort of credentials – official notice as to who you are and your business – commoners dont just get to demand audiences with the lord’s family!

“I am Sir Anthony Zerburre, Lord Marshall here, under my brother Lord Julian Zerburre. The affairs of state keep my family quite busy, especially these days as we chaff under the yoke of the Twin River powers. If you are seeking a business arrangement, perhaps it is something i may be able to arrange more readily – i can provide escorts, i know the land and areas better than brother… "

After discovering what the party is about…

“Ahhhh, i see. Well, i have some good news and bad news. My family has no qualms about the information you seek. In fact, we take great pride in being able to trace our lineage back to such days as the settle of Dunstrand Vale. However, our records are merely paper records – as you are well aware, the river did much damage when it changed course. To truly get verification… you would need to seek the ancient family crypts in the ruins of Barclayne. Those ruins are covered now by the Grebell forest and guarded by the Saivelaugh elves… it would be suicide and folley to attempt to gain entry there.

Sir Anthony asks for Aid

“There is a small matter i would like you to consider doing for my family. You seem as though you are quite capable – and so i ask that you consider this matter in detail. Two religious factions are on the brink of violence in one of our most prosperous towns. We cannot step in to settle because our family has clear affiliations with one faction – the majority in this town, but the minority in our fiefdom and it may start a wholsale revolt if things were to go the wrong way. There can be no bias here – it must be a third party who settles this dispute. It began is one over religious matters, now… it simply is men and power. Settle this, and you will be rewarded with money, fine leather armor, fine arrows.”

The party is wounded still, not being able to heal much on the road.
- Samedi has half his reserves depleted.


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