Beeddel Jones

Scout and chosen of the spirit of the land


Human, Male; Age: 23, Short (spikey) grey-brown hair, thin eye brows; blue eyes , bulk; 73kg, 6’0"

Abilities: Kinetic Aptitude 4

Reactions: 4
Coordination: 4
Muscle: 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 4
Willpower: 4
Intuition: 2 (- 1 CS on affected skills
Perception: 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
Health: 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills; + 1 healing factor)
Vitality: 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
Reaction: 4
Sanity: 4
Appearance: 5
Size: 10


Good Luck (one free action point per session), Iron Will (2), Light Sleeper, Toughened (+ 4), Kinetic Faculty 0, Chi Pool (30), Fame: Dunstrand 2, Synergy Pool (10)


Combat: Melee 3+1=4, Fend 4+1, Grapple 3+1=4, evasion 3+1, propel 4+1=5
Languages: Gladnorean Speak 4
Outdoor: Survival: lowland grass 2, lowland forest 1; Tracking 1+1; Orienteering 1 (NOTE: Learn Geography for mapping)
Other: Ride (horse) 3-1=2 (Saddle,Bit,Bridle + 3), Armor Use 4-1=3, Stealth 2+1=3, Camouflage 2+1=3, Climbing 3+1=4, Instrument: Fiddle 5-1=4, streetwise 5-1=4, Gaming 5-1=4


Synergy: None (no grace)
Grace: None
Blessings: None

Chi Powers

CHI = 30
Chi Cornerstone Powers: none (need min. Kinetic Faculty 2)


Resilience = 6*10 + 4 = 64
Familiarity: bow, knives, axe/thrown (NOTE: learn club)

Equipment & Items

Encumbrance Capacity 10*6 = 60
Encumbrance Carried Normally = -7 shield (held); – 33 leather
Armor Stats: [Carried] leather (8 PV/60 PR)
Shield Stats: [Carried] light leather small (+ 1 CS; 45/160)
Weapons Stats: [Carried]

shield – small light leather x1 (35sc; + 1 CS; 13 Enc; 45 PV/160 PR)
leather armor x1 (100sc; fit=3/33 Enc; 8/60) – REPAIRED x1
hand axe x4 (; 3AM, 6 damage)
dagger (; 2AM, 4 damage)
’noggin marbles (finely crafted sling bullets; dunstrand faire)
long bow x1 (2+1AM) + quiver
long bow flight arrows x12

Silver: 600 silver crowns
Jewelry: [worn] ring worth 30, earring worth 50, ring worth 50

Basic clothes (2 sets), boots, day pack, knife, bowl, cup, blanket, 3 torches, 10m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations, boot knife, horse, flint & tinder, small mirror, Dryad strands of hair, good map of Dunstrand.

Damage = (base x success) +6 for muscle +1 for size.



Beeddel grew up in the county Faer of Dunstrand. He left his parents farm at an early age and moved to the city. His strength served him well among the gangs of the urban worlds he moved in. We was a big gambler and lost a lot in his early days. He is a huge sports fan and is very competitive. The Dunstrand Faire naturally attracted him, and he sold off all his non portable goods to travel to the capital to make his fortune there. He got to the fields days in advance and became an assistant – finding food and lodging with the faire workers. A group called the Band of Crows showed up at the faire. they had made a name for themselves serving the Earl of Bar-Innis, and had a special tent awaiting them. Beeddel was given the special duty of being assigned to them – making sure the pavilion tent stayed erect and functional. They were local legends – having traveled way north and back and rumored to have seen further away lands, magical places and fought great enemies of their Earl, Duke and King. After spending a single day with them, they seemed easy going, and Beeddel’s mind went from robbery to how can he make a small fortune in wagers and betting on this band.

Bellum (Eric), Samedi(Kelly), Hayden(Mario), Ace(Larry)

Working for Peiky Wheatherwood of Blackfoot Stables. Contact – Darrow Brothers Crofters. Dominate faith here – Green Church.

1. Apple Bottom Farm. Haunted. Skeletons. 1)Moon path to Vortex. Get free of Curse. 2)Heat Blood/Sacrifice.

2.Attack by Jim, Pete, etc.

3. Tadeus.

Fell into crater after retrieving grave rubbing in hills. Defeated Bulgmorda (half-troll thing). Escaped using ruby glove, crystal wind chime, sash. Then met Rybar.

Resting in (?), attacks on farms. Strangely nothing taken but food, however bandits were well armed and not in need. Political thing against us. Big battle with town in the North – we aided in getting a Win for the battle (personally 30 pts, 4 kills). Gained us +5 fame in Dunstrand.

Character Point History

6/12/2011 +3cp
6/8/2011 Toughened for free – over time gained
+ 6;

Action Points Record

6/12/2011 6; 4 used = 6
4 ?
1/day on these while in Dunstrand area in woods – Dryad spirit (no libido)

Beeddel Jones

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