Bill Clay

local farm boy done well


PLAYER: Kelly Berger

Human, Male; Age: 18; short brown hair, brown eyes, right handed, light skinned.

Aptitude: Kinetic: 4















Size: 12 (Resilience = 48+4=52)


Good Luck, Equipment, Assets 1, Pet, Ordinary (old nag), toughness (1)


Melee 3, Fend 3, Shoot 1, Ride 1, Lang/R+W: Gladnorean 4/1, Propel 4, Agriculture 2, Animal Handling 2, Repair 1, Medical: aid (animals+humans) 4, Lore: Dunstrand 1


Familiarity: spear, knife/dagger, club, rope, staff + short sword (learning)


Carried: Shield – small, light (120 AR); +1 CS

Worn: [none]


short spear (base 8; AM=3), short sword, dagger


Pack mule; Basic clothes (2 sets), boots, day pack, knife, bowl, cup, blanket, 3 torches, 10m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations;

silver crowns = 185, earring (50), ring (50), necklace (200)

Mount: “bessie” – old nag , been in the family since she was born, will return home. gotten ornery in her old age and will not let anyone ride her but you or your father. will always come home, follow/understand basic commands (if she wants to). but kinda has a mind of her own.



Bill is the son of a farmer in Dunstrand. He wants a better life, he hates his current one. He is willing to do anything to get out of being a farmer. All his life he practiced with any weapon he could get – spear, knife, fork, spoon, club, rope, staff.

Background for Campaign

[From Larry] You where delivering goods from your uncle’s farm by the swamp near the town of Braddon Bog. Your uncle usually uses you for delivery runs, taking care of the animals, fixing stuff up, etc. Delivery runs are your favorite since they get you away from the farm work.

However this time as you are leaving Braddon Bog on the way back towards your uncles farm by the swamp. You come around a bend and there is a column 50+ well armed men headed double time toward the town. You manage to get the cart turned around quickly and headed back toward town but several scouts that where flanking the trail shoot the mule that was pulling the cart. It bolts off trail and you are thrown as a wheel breaks and the broken mess is drug off into the brush. Bessie is is trailing behind the cart and is able to pull free from the cart to come back the short distance for you. Arrows land all around as you climb up on her and hightail it back the 1/4 mile to town to warn them (You take an arrow in the back for 8pts). The alarm is raised but a lot of the population is caught unaware. one of the town guards yells for you to ride for help as the contingent falls upon the town. The guardsman barely gets the words out before an arrow pierces the back of his neck and comes out his throat spraying you with blood.

You ride like the wind to the next town for reinforcements, it seems to take forever all the while the arrow burning in your back. By the time you return to Braddon Bog it’s far to late. There is column of smoke in the sky that can be seen miles away.

The town has been torched! the troops are gone but several of the buildings are still smoldering or on fire. A portion of the population managed to made it into the old church before the main body of the troops got into town. there are several
trails of bodies that lead toward it with arrows sticking out of them. the church doors are closed up tight with what looks like the remains of a smoldering bonfire burning against it. the door has several large dents and gashes in it but strangely enough the now blackend wooden doors are neither broken in or burned down. eventually the door is opened and the survivors come out. It seems about half the town is dead or missing. you think to yourself “THE FARM!” – you ride quickly to the farm and it’s more of the same.
the farmhouse and barn are a pile of hot smoking embers, and the field was set ablaze.
you find one of your cousins outside dead face down in the dirt and another one down by the irrigation ditch coming from the swamp.

All of the animals are gone. there is nothing for you here anymore. in shock you go back to town. Since you had seen things first hand and are still able bodied someone asks you if you can go to Mev and tell the “Crows” what happened here? They give you an hastily written sealed note to take to them. You meet up with the remainder of the “Crows” in Mev (Morgent, Corman, etc.). For your own reasons you decide you should seek out the remainder of the “Crows” even before they ask you to accompany a few of their
numbers north to find their friends. Somewhere along the line there is a decision to split up to cover more ground. you hear some rumors and take the Red March up toward Northgate Garrison. following a lead on what people are calling “A Wake of Blood”. then one night while camped by the Red Marches a menacing lone rider comes into your camp for a bit. He asks if you have seen another group, and gives a description. “There may be a Grollen traveling with them as well”. You keep your mouth shut knowing that you are looking for the same people. Later that night off in the distance to the east you hear a mighty wind roar, and what sounds like thunder. shorty after it goes all quite again. The group you hooked up with last night break camp early in the mourning before you rise and head north. It takes you much more time, tired as you are. This delay seems to bring luck, as you are pulling out you see a small group quickly making their way towards the road. Some of them look familiar. The Band of Crows – or at least some of them – worn and haggard, pull themselves from the cover.

- Play Log / 9142, Month 2, Day 25; Bill finds the Band of Crows -

Bill get to meet the heroes of his childhood, watch them insulted by the High Kings rider, find out there’s a bounty on their head, and travels with the remaining ‘crows’ back to Dunstrand on the mystical horses of the High King’s messengers.

During the time he sticks with Porthias closely, is the first to hear of the dream of the fallen north he has when he wakes. He is next to Porthias when he dissolves the Band of Crows. He is with the ‘crows’ on 9142, Month 4, Day 22 when they are all reunited in Braddon Bog.

CY 9142, Month 5, Day 17; Porthias write Bill a letter of introduction and sends him to Dusntrand City to take back the mystical horses and gear from the High King’s messengers.

CY 9142, Month 5, Day 24; Bill meets up with Belim and Beeddel

Bill Clay died in the Caverns of the Bolg Morda in 9142. He faced, along with a small group of civilian hunters trapped in the caverns, the direct onslaught of the boulder rolling/throwing Bolg Morda. He did get manage to survive to engage in hand to hand combat, but was crushed and flung a dozen feet with one blow.

Bill Clay

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