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CHI = 28


Gellwin’s father was a farm worker and carpenter. His mother died while he was young and his father moved around – he did not want to be reminded of his past and her death. He learned his father’s trade, but the lifestyle also encouraged him in other directions. Unsupervised, he became deft at tricks, games, and the art of dodging. Despite the family tragedy he and his father eventually settled down in the town
of Fogbottom – in a beautiful river valley at the heart of Loamwold. When Umbak made incursions recently, his father refused to leave their new found home, vowing to fight the Umbakians. He died for his trouble, while Gellwin survived that and many more skirmishes (where he earned the name ’Thornbearer – in reference to his bow)
until being picked up by a patrol from Dunstrand. Gellwin has sword revenge against Umbak. He was moved, along with some other refugees, to the town of Lily Glen, in Loamwold’s northern neighbor of Dunstrand. Gellwin left the refugee camp, and went north, further away from the sadness and despair. He traveled along the border of the great Dwindor Swamp, through Bergen and on to the lowlands and Braddon Bog. There
he discovered the town abuzz, still, with tales of real heroes. He vowed to stay until he could meet these heroes, who were recently thought dead and have now returned.

The first he sought out was the Grollen named Hap. Hap sat in the inn, named after one of the other heroes named Farold, and heard him tell tales of hardship and struggle that he could scarce believe. He introduced himself late in the evening, and the Grollen pulled out a pipe, a beautiful pipe from Loamwold – given he says, by the Duke of Dunstrand himself. Together they swapped their stories until the wee hours. Hap promised Gellwin to secrecy, and said he was headed to wrap up some loose ends, and maybe even find himself a wife. He did say that Gellwin, if the life of an adventurer truly interested him, should seek out his companions in Mev. ‘Tell them you are trusted’, he said. ‘They will know if you say your come to help them “stick to the mission” – say that to Alden directly.’ Gellwin follows his instructions and ends up joining up with the famous Band of Crows.

Gellwin enters the campaign… (original reference)

9140, Month 8, traveled back to Loamwold (with Bailyn Dulak) to visit his family.

9140, Month 11; With the support of Hareen, Bailyn, Corman, and Noname the witch of Dwindor Swamp is pursued.
Djuril puts a lot of effort down to make the witch and the party look bad due to the failure.
The entire group concludes, while in the swamp that 1) They all hate the swamp,
2) They will do nothing to the witch to spite Djuril.

9140, Month 12; Gellwin and Alden travel to Loamwold for Sir Rufus Daneforth
(of Bar-Innis) as ambassadors for Dunstrand and to try and arrange for membership
in the fledgling ‘Dwindor Confederacy’ (Sir Rufis’s idea). The Loamwold Elders are not impressed and value their freedom above all other things – they reject the offer.

9141,Month 3; Hareen and Gellwin – They decide to take action and travel south into the disputed lands between Umbak and Dunstrand. They stumble upon a meeting between 2 forces in the night. They are not able to observe – but follow two across county Faer and into the Riverdans – where they lose their trail. In returning home, they themselves are pursued by some unnerving force. At one point, they catch 2 coal black hounds staring at them from a hill side on the horizon, before sunset. A figure of a man in robes crests the hill behind them and then all is lost in the shadow of the hill in the setting sun. They feel like they are hounded back to Bar-Innis and just when they feel some force is about to attack them, they cross from county Faer into county Bar-Innis. The feeling of dread quickly dissipates… shaken, they slow and try and let their pursuer catch up – but no sign is ever seen again.

9141, Month 4; Hareen, Gellwin, Bailyn, Corman, Noname – Return to Loamwold to fight the Gwinnish forces. They are recognized by the Loamwold Elders for their efforts and given 100 silver crowns each. Corman is hurt very bad, suffering a permanent wound.

9141, Month 6 – early; The Dunstrand Faire – meets Belim and Beeddel

9141, Month 6 – late; The dream of Hareen and Rastur… Gellwin witnesses the transformation of Hareen into the ‘savior of the north’. He decides that the ‘heroes’ path is not for him and returns to his native Loamwold.

In Loamwold: Gellwin spends nearly a year mostly resting. Umbakians still control remote homesteads of some halfling lands, but Umbak is busy with Gwinn at sea for the most part. And Loamwold enjoys the protection of Dunstrand, mostly from her neighboring county to the north, Bar-Innis – Home of the Band of Crows.

9142, Month 5; Return to Dunstrand City – Hoping to find compelling adventure without the epic risk of his previous companions, Gellwin returns to Dunstrand city a year after the famous faire and wedding.

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