Grumwell Quirellmyn


Human, Male; Age: 17; Appearance: Blonde short hair, close shaven blonde beard, right handed, 6’1", 105kg; pock marks on face and forearms/hand; looks like bite scars from rodents up close. Grumwell is large, taking after his father Great Jon.

Aptitude: Magic: 4





CHA 4 [-1=3]





VIT 6 (+ 1 CS)

RSN 6 (+ 1 CS)

SAN 6 (+ 1 CS)

APP 5 [-1=4]

Size: 15; Resilience = 94

Fuels: Chi = 7 / Synergy = 20


Occult Reserve 2, Equipment (free), Assets (free), Phobia: spiders, Good Luck, Sorcery Library 1, Spell Library 1, Toughened (+ 4)


  • Combat: Evade 2, Shoot 1
  • Lang: Gladnorean 4+1/R+W 3+1, Lang: Mercat 2+1/R+W 1+1, Orrish 1+1, Feyloise 1+1
  • Misc: Survival Urban 3, Ride 1,
  • Knowledge: Lore: Law 1+1, Botany 1+!, Zoology 1+1, Lore: Orrish 1, Lore: Dunstrand 2 (Riverdans 2), Lore: Occult 11, Lore: Religious 1+1, Cryptography 1+1[+1]
  • Magic: Mathematics 2+1, Sorcery 4+1, Mana Sense 2+1

Magic Capability

Mode: Hovracht (taught the western mode from Solars Guild ancient ways—)

Mana: 4+6=10×5=50+24+12=86 (+10) = 96

Occult Reservoir: 5*2=10

Affixed = %

Spell Library [name(mana)]

Apprentice: %Hear Afar (5),
%Torchlight (5),
%Sudden Mist (5),
%Unnerving Stare (5),
%Locate the Weave (5)

Novice: %Searing Dart (10),
%Distant Voice (10)

Adherent: Rigid Arm (15)


Silver: 100

Weapons: Familiarity = crossbow, knife

Light Crossbow (10 bolts; 10 damage+AP, 12 AM), Knife (dmg 3, 2 AM)

Armor: None

Basic: Basic clothes (2 sets), Good Clothes (1 set), writing kit, boots (2 sets), day pack, knife, bowl, cup, tankard, 3 blankets/bedroll, 3 torches, 10m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, 3 man tent, lamp, 2 flasks oil, flint+tinder, wool cape, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations, mule w/saddle bags,

riding horse w/saddle + bit + bridle (+ 3 CS Ride)

Healing: 1 pt. poltices x 10

Magical Items

Philter of the Glib Tongue: 4 persuade for 1 hour; 3 vials; potions of jumping and climbing (2 for 1 hour) x 4;

3 scrolls of Guarded Repose (10th level = 10 hours)

Rough cut crystal shard with 7 facets – each facet has etched in it a charge of
Crystal Conveyance; each charge causes the facet cut to vanish, gradually turning the crystal ovoid.

Barban’s Black sash (patterns and weaves in sash are woven magical concepts give 1 on Cryptogragy checks, +10 mana, and a +4 on WPR checks to resist fear but the wearer suffers a perm. -1 App when donned and a -1 CHA while worn). If the wearer has a HLT of 5 they also gain a +1 on the Camouflage skill and their ALU in using the Worm Tooth spell.

Spydens Mirror of Records (holds 100 pages) – about 100 were known to have been made – they hold a mirror copy of what they are exposed to. Have cheap gemstones around the edge, rubbing each brings up a specific ‘page’ recorded or flips through recorded pages



Grumwell is the third son of Jon Quirrelmyn (called Great Jon, because of his large size), brother of Flaumen Quirrelmyn the 3rd, hereditary Riverdan lord of Bluewhal Keep. Grumwell was born into a family of warriors with an ancient history that once were closely allied to the founders of Dunstrand. Much time has passed and the Quirrelmyn family line has survived to see themselves and the other ‘Riverdan’ lords relegated to a backwater when the course of the river changed, cut out from trade and control of the Nanford river. He has inherited the hatred of and sense of persecution by the rest of Dusntrand that his relatives has raised him with. Only the county of Bar-Innis (a land of moors, swamp and bogs mostly) to the west is favored – part of the ‘old nobility’ of Dunstrand that has survived proud. Grumwell has spent much time in the moldering library of his ancient family estate of Hammerang Keep – once a summer ‘castle’, now only part is maintained for stables and hunting while the rest falls apart around it. It was there that he taught himself the rudiments of magic from a young age. He discovered ancient drawings of the floor plans in the library cellar and found passages and rooms long abandoned deep in the cellars and storehouses under the keep. He read about heralds and courtiers that practiced the magic arts and even recovered some items from dark underground rooms where the air was thin and it was difficult to breathe – and the cold of the grave was upon him. After swooning under visions of evil spirits, he awoke to a swarm of rats covering him; he was able to keep down the tide of overwhelming fear and stagger to his feet. He fled and his parents believed him attacked by a horde of rats, sealed up the tunnels under the keep and forbid him to return. At home, several traveling scholars and mages that sometimes stop in passage through the lands have augmented his knowledge and spurred him on his development of magical ability. He has his fathers large size, and there were high hopes for him by his family to enter the military, but his interests lied elsewhere.
He is a minor disappointment to many of his relatives, but his mother has secretly fostered his interests, supporting him where she could with gifts and distracting his father. Running low on patience, his father sends him to Dunstrand City with a letter of recommendation and tells him to make his own way. Packing his gear, he sets off.
His mother ensures he has plenty of money and even hires a servant to assist him in getting to his destination.

Family Opinion: Grumwell’s choice to follow the craft of magic was hard on everyone in the family. Its not that his prospects would have been any better, worse in fact, but the practice of magic is not considered honorable amongst the Riverdans. The family has shunned him since he announced his decision. It was especially hurtful to them since his father, Great Jon, had recently run away in perceived madness, and Grumwell’s decision was seen as proof of madness in the family. When he left for Dunstrand City, they never thought they would see him again.


Grumwell arrives in Dunstrand City – the biggest he’s ever seen. He immediately presents himself to the Herald’s Hall in the Duke’s court. They looked at his warrior body and his supposed credentials and Grumwell can see the rejection in their eyes, though they ask him to register with House Malor – who keep a tight control over magic in the Duchy. Only 2 days later (9142, Month 4, Day 27), he gets word from a man named sira Goll Saren that he has need of his talents and wishes him to travel back to the Riverdans for a research project with someone who know Dunstrand, the Riverdan territories, and can read and write well. Goll says that he will need protection… because there are certain people who may not want this research done. He has arranged a protective detail of two others to go with Grumwell. He promises to soothe the irritated House Malor of unsanctioned magus operating in their territory.

Grumwell’s Will of Record

Grumwell’s mystical teachings are sponsored temporarily by House Malor. His spell books are their property upon his death; he has no other formal directives other than his body be returned to his family in whatever condition possible for burial in ancestral grounds. His goods and monies upon him are to be used and divided to his friends as needed.

After he died, Grumwell’s socerous goods went to Hayden Matheson

Character Point Record

6/8/2011 – Added toughened for free

Grumwell Quirellmyn

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