Hayden Matheson

Greycloak of Oerdney


Description: Size 13, Human, Male, age: 22, short blonde hair, brown eyes, right handed, 5’10", short thin beard, very serious/intense expression. Tries to pass himself off as a mercenary warrior.

Abilities: Kinetic Aptitude 1, Magic Aptitude 3, Core Ability; to make even with existing characters, Magus Archetype Kit, Upper Nobility (+1 HLT)
> starts as “Studied”: 6 (RSN) x automatic successful Lore checks – the particular answer just happens to be covered under some specifics the character if intimately familiar with.


Reaction: 4
Coordination: 4
Muscle: 3
Stamina: 3
Charisma: 3/4 [-1 from Black Sash while worn]
Willpower: 4 [+ 4 on WPR checks to resist fear – Barban’s Black Sash]
Reason 6 (+ 1 to affected skills)
Sanity: 6 (+ 1 to affected skills)
Perception: 4
Intuition: 4
Health: 5
Vitality: 6 (+ 1 to affected skills)
Appearance: 4 {was a 5/-1 from Black Sash}


Apprenticed Upbringing, Toughened (+ 4 resilience), Good Luck, Equipment, Asset (2), Synergy Pool (10), Chi Pool (8), Mana Pool (45+9+18+5), Occult Reserve (x4), Library (1; Spells), Tithe (10% Ezrilus), Tithe (10%; Salamanders Guild), Phobia: Snakes, Conviction 1, Blessed (8)


Combat: Melee 1, Evade 1, Fend 1
Communication: Gladnorean: Speak 4/Literate 4, Feyloise: Speak 1+1/Literate 2+1
Magic: Math 2+1, Mana Sense 2, Sorcery 3+1, Lore: Occult 1+1
Other: Lore: Dunstrand 1+1, Streetwise 1, Botany 1+1, Ride 1, Dance 1, Appraise 1+1, Lore: Religious 1+1


Mana Pool (exchange AP for mana at a 1:10 ratio) = 77 + 3 + 10 = 90
=== SPELLS (=> Occult Mode: Horvacht <=)
Occult Reserve = 4 (% = held in occult reserve)
(%)Torchlight, Minor Weakness (-1 MUS), (%)Pumice Shield (ALUx5 = PV) [+ 1 ALU], (%)Wormtooth [+ 2 ALU], (%)Luminous Disruption (ALU+VIT x2 vs dead/undead; 50m; Sorc level)
Periaptery, Searing Dart
Watery Lungs

Faith: Ezrilus (Spring Moon Cult)

Observances: Full Moon, Tithe 10% of wealth
Anathema: Walking Dead (not undead); compelled to destroy them – must not flee from battle
Blessings = 8
Synergy: 10
Sacraments > Holy Symbol, Candle of Favor x2 (1 hour, 1 blessing)


RESILIENCE = 13×6=78+4=82
Familiarity: Spear, Shield
Tactics: While traveling disguises himself as simple spearman; hides behind tactics of defense, using a shields natural bonus to enhance blocking and using himself to lure enemies into turning their backs to the true fighters. Outside of combat, most of his spells are disruptive, used as scare tactics. He will use torchlight and spend 1 extra mana to change the color to a gross bruised one or spend 1 extra mana to add a sickly glow to pumice shield to scare enemies. He only uses spell tactics if he knows such enemies are sure to die – he must avoid the eyes of House Malor as he is practicing in Dunstrand without their permission.


_EC =3×10= 30; _
MONEY = 400 silvers

Armor: leather jerkin (3/24, 13 enc), light buckler (20/90, 7 enc), light cap (8/24, 1 enc, +1 consciousness checks)

Weapons: spear (8 dmg/+ 1 CS ease, 3 AM), knife(3 dmg/+ 2 CS ease, 2 AM)


Periaptry’s: Pumice Shield & Wormtooth; Glyph of Self (crystal pendant; +1 meditation), Stone of Power (woven into layers of left leather bracer; +3 mana)

> Dust of Revealing (7 pinches; Locate the Weave)
> Orb d’chaunt’s x4 (Sorcery check – can be evaded, but another Sorcery check causes it to loop; pins the shadow of the target, causing loss of 2 AM and -2 CS for 10 rounds)
>3 scrolls of Guarded Repose (10th level = 10 hours)
> Rough cut crystal shard with 7 facets – each facet has etched in it a charge of
Crystal Conveyance; each charge causes the facet cut to vanish, gradually turning the crystal ovoid.

Basic clothes (2 sets), nice clothes (1 set), court clothes, 2 sets boots, warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 60m of rope, 2 court belts, 2 sashes, 2 belts, grand tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, decorative walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations
> 8 pt. healing potion x 3

> Barban’s Black sash (patterns and weaves in sash are woven magical concepts give + 1 CS on Cryptogragy checks, + 10 mana, and a + 4 on WPR checks to resist fear but the wearer suffers a perm. – 1 App when donned and a – 1 CHA while worn). If the wearer has a HLT of 5+ they also gain a + 1 on the Camouflage skill and their ALU in using the Worm Tooth spell.

Spydens Mirror of Records (holds 100 pages) – about 100 were known to have been made – they hold a mirror copy of what they are exposed to. Have cheap gemstones around the edge, rubbing each brings up a specific ‘page’ recorded or flips through recorded pages
= being used to record images of the source records for the lineages of the Riverdans


Social Standing

9 out of 10; Personal is “upper” @ Oerdney / Currency x2, Income = 100 silvers per month


Hayden is a member of the Matheson family, his father is Aril Matheson, 18th count of Southbury – south of Oerdney. He has 2 older brothers in line to the title before him. His family is friends with and has wards and hostages both in the High King court in Oerdney. Hayden brothers were a knight and a priest, having gained positions of power in local politics – which held no interest for Hayden. He chose instead a rigorous life of study as a Magus. Apprenticed by his family to the Order of the Graven Glyph, he found himself mastering his craft at a young age. Though not a deeply religious person, Hayden takes on the faith of his initial teacher, Christopher Hornsesby; Ezrilus the Mistress of Magic. His faith carries him through his studies and he attributes it to the ease with which he was drawn and developed his craft. He takes the name “Greycloak” – a label commonly used for those independent mages in the environs around Oerdney. At 16 his is filled with wanderlust and a desire to seek adventure. His best friend Winfred Destoiya, a rake and member of the peerage nobility himself, approaches him about working for a strange and secretive brotherhood. The intrigue appeals to his curious nature, and a meeting is arranged. David Ferguson is an agent of this organization calling themselves the Salamanders Guild – a group about whom many rumors are spread but little is really known.

He claims that there is great need of someone of his talents out west, in Dunstrand. He remarks that it would be very dangerous… the Red Cloaks of House Malor are ever vigilant of non-members practicing magic. He would have to go in disguise… and appear as a simple soldier. His job would be to travel the ancient Duchy of Dunstrand and collect some intelligence. The organization would ensure his stipend form his family makes its way to a point he can collect from, and would continue to sponsor him in his studies – from independent mages wherever he may be at instead of a formal institution. Aside from only tithing a mild 10%, he would be ensured of several safe places to room and board and report in regularly. For at least the next few years, a term of service of three specifically, his future is laid out before him. The ensure and extra spell will be taught fro their own archives at their cost. He also allows you three months to train under a magus named Corbin Dent. He is a warrior magus from the Stormfront Fastness far to the south… and he teaches Hayden the ways of fighter and the militant mage. He also creates 2 periaptery’s for him: Wormtooth and Pumice Shield.

Spell Tactics: Minor Weakness – Many men have strength just enough to give them an edge. Removing but a fraction of them reduces their chance to hit, damage, and ENC capacity. Wormtooth, while it cannot kill, can be used to disable someone handily – and i can be used in conjunction with 1 additional mana to have a visual effect which causes a smokey skull to form has a psychological impact. Throwing oil upon a target before using searing dart enhances damage done. Casting torchlight on a weapon and expending 1 more mana to change the color to a more sickly glow can also intimidate and enemy.

He meets with a man named Sira Goll. His is smart and commands a massive body of knowledge regard the Duchy of Dunstrand, economics, politics, and geography. He is the speaker for a conglomerate known as the Surefoot Merchant Coster. In the Riverdans of Dunstrand though, there is a group known as the Shady Rock Merchants… it is to this group you must go and there you will get your orders. He is sending you into the ancient Riverdans of Dunstrand – where not even House Malor has say of who can practice magic. He tells you there is ongoing mission there to catalog the full genealogy of the ancient families there. With the war in the north, there may be political changes and they want to be able to take advantage of any situations. A halfling named Pekki Netherwood runes the operation of the Shady Rock Merchants from Dunstrand City. His right hand man is a half ork named Grak; a large, dangerous creature of imposing stature and reputation. It will pay 200 silvers a month… you will of course have to tithe from that. He happy of your pedigree and that you come fully equipped.

Grak introduces himself… and take you to see Pekki You take an immediate dislike to Pekki, though Grak seems fiercely loyal to him. Pekki is weasely and shifty. Ultimately it i Grak who directs you to go to the fief of Horpan in the Riverdans to meet up with a party. The group already poseses a magus, but he has been infected and is slowly dying from a ghoul’s bite. You will replace his presence. He believes you will fit in there because your 3rd cousin on your mother’s side – Belim – leads the group. He goes over briefly a bio of all characters currently serving in the mission: Belim, Beedel, Horace, Jiles, Grumwell, Pegren, Vraxen. You are to deliver a parcel to the last person in that list; it asks him to return to Bergen – his mother is dying.

Character Point History

6/12/2011 +3cp

Character Creation: 30 +6 CP transferred from Vraxen Pax

Action Point Record

6/12/2011 +6ap

Hayden Matheson

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