Horace Stephon Shea

"Ace"; rake and rogue


Human, male, 5’7", 138#, wavy dark hair, dark eyes, looks “hard” from many years of hard living. Tanned skin, right handed.
Mannerisms: wears hats often, its his mark of style when he can

Abilities: Kinetic Aptitude 4, Urban Upbringing Package (2cp) [Additional Language 1, Lore 1, urban survival 2]

CRD 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
RCT 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
MUS 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
CHA 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
WPR 2 (- 1 CS to affected skills)
INT 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
PER 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)
RSN 6 (+ 1 CS to affected skills)


Fame: Dunstrand 1, Good Luck (0cp), Poverty (-1cp), Equipment (2cp), Familiarity [Small Hafted] (1cp), Toughened (+ 4)


Climb 1+2=3 [CRD/MUS](1cp), Evasion 3+2=5 [RSP/PER](6cp), Fend 2+2=4 [CRD/PER](3cp), Grapple 2+2=4 [MUS/CRD](3cp), Language: Speak Gladnor 4+1=5 [RSN](0cp), Speak Mercat 1+1=2 [RSN](0cp), Melee 3+2=5 [CRD/MUS](6cp), Mobility 2+1=3 [CRD/STA](3cp), Persuasion 2+2=4 [INT/CHA](3cp), Propel 2+2=4 [CRD/PER](3cp), Stealth 1+2=3 [CRD/PER](1cp), Urban Survival 3+2=5 [RSN/INT](3cp), Hide 2+1=3 [PER](3cp), Gaming 1+2=3 [CHA/INT](1cp), Disguise 1+2=3 [PER/CHA](1cp), Lore: Merchantile 1+1=2 [RSN]


Resilience = 5*10 + 4 = 54
Familiarity: Melee [Small Blades, Club], Propel: Thrown [Small Thrown Weapon], Fend [Buckler]

Chi Powers

CHI = 27
Cornerstone Powers: None


Basic clothes (2 sets), good clothes (1 set), boots, day pack, knife, bowl, cup, bedroll, 5 torches, flint/tinder, 20m of cord, 2 belts, 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of fresh rations, donkey w/saddlebags, extra leather jerkin, throwing knife brace (holds 3), small crowbar, 10 1 point poultices; a ring with some sort of raised, black lizard on it (from Pekki)

WEAPONS: Dagger (4pt/2 AM), 3 throwing knives (3pt/2 AM), mace (8pt/3 AM)

ARMOR: Leather jerkin (3 AV/24 AR)



‘Ace’ was a low level scout for a gang in run by Pekki Netherwood in Dunstrand City. Ace was a lookout man for shake-downs and protection rackets – he would scout for the watch while the strong arm men went in and got the money. He would also provide distractions, and got a reputation as quite the scrapper and fleet-footed with a innate knowledge of streets, alleys, and escape routes. In a job gone bad, he and his friend Vippo, a long time friend from the poor quarter who had convinced him to rob a transporter of stolen goods, were pursued by the watch and Vippo fell to his death. He was jailed for 3 years for his part, and never ratted out his boss Pekki – it was not a murder charge or anything after all, and he knew if he kept his mouth shut, Pekki would take care of him when he got out. Three long years he spent, learning everything he could from the everyone inside the prison. Three years of missing his family and friends. He just got out of prison for theft and returned to Pekki and the gang, only to find that Pekki is a major player now – in charge of a ‘legal’ outfit called the Surefoot Merchant Coster – for sure a front for something bigger and badder. In return for his silence, Pekki gives him 100 silvers and some basic gear and says that he’s free to do what he wants. Pekki took care of his family while he was in jail as well, his mom is hurt and can’t work. He spends half his silvers in revelry that night and the next day one of Pekki’s minions, Don (a teamster, works in the stables) comes to see him. He says that he should get out of town, as the friends of Vippo are looking for him. He recommends looking for Pekki’s right hand man, the half-orc Grak. ‘Ace’ tracks down Grak on the road, and Grak sends him into the Riverdans with a message for a group he’s following. First he outfits him even further to reward him for his service, and knowing what he may face if he joins with the group ahead. Grak says that he is to join up and stay joined up. He will get the same pay, same benefits (200 silvers a month, healing, equipment replacement) – starting from the time he joins them. The message Grak sends is to stay clear of Applebottom Farm. Ace meets up with them on the road through Belmain.


He got the nickname meaning Hawk-Like, having good eyesight. He has been an Urban Scout, Lookout, Information Gather, Gambler, and general Roguish roust about.

Character Point History

6/12/2011 3cp
6/8/2011 – Added toughened for free – just because over time its happened
8 cp – increased SAN to a 3
starting traits: 0-1

Action Point Record

6/12/2011 +6ap

Horace Stephon Shea

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