Jiles Swone

Apprentice farrier and handy-man, devotee of Rastur


Description: Human, male, 17 years old, 5’8", 150#, heavily tanned and worn skin, brown eyes, brown-blonde hair, rough looking – always partial beard growth
Mannerisms: Brash and foolish plans
Observances: Live Simply, Lead By Example, Be Brave

Abilities: Kinetic Aptitude 2 / Faith Aptitude 2 (Rastur, lord of lions), Generalist

Size: 10


Consecration: Sanctified follower /Grace factor = 1
Synergy: 30-10=20 [10 from Pegren]
Blessings: 8
Prayers: Boon (1), Test of grace (1;max 1=grace factor), Vigil (2)
Rituals: Offering, Ritual Test of Grace, Cleansing, Aid (medical aid level or int in healing), Stalking (+4 climb/track/stealth/camo/jump 20 minutes)
Rites: Coming of age, Marriage, Sanctify (indoctrinate)
Gifts: Abeyance (Walking dead/undead = anathema; max affected = conviction +1)


Good Luck, Equipment, Toughness (1), Blessed Service, Light Sleeper, Less Sleep, Conviction 1, Synergy Pool (20), Mana Pool (25), Chi Pool (18)


Combat: Melee 3, Fend 2+1, Propel 1+1, Shoot 1+1, Grapple 1, Evade 3+1 [+ 1 mantle]
Communication: Empathy 2, Speak: Gladnorian 4/1, Feline 1, Persuade 3
Other: Lore: Religious 2, Streetwise 1, Ride 2, Climb 1, Jump 1, Swim 1, Repair 3+1, Animal Handling 1, Medical: Aid 2+1 (+vet)


Resilience: 5*10=50
Familiarities: bows, knives, maces, shields
Tactics: Prefers to draw opponents out and fight defensively.


Encumbrance Capacity: 4*10 = 40
ENC carried items = 20+10+10
Armor [carried] padded (8/50)
Shield [carried] shield – light wicker small (+ 1 CS; 35/120)
Weapons [carried]
club (+ 2 CS ease; 3 AM; 5 damage)
dagger (+ 2 CS ease; 2 AM; 4 damage)
– or -
self bow

shield – light wicker small x 1 (+ 1 CS; 10 Enc; 35/120; 25sc)
padded armor x 1 (8/50; 2 fit = 20 enc/50 sc)
club x 1 (+ 2 CS ease; 3 AM; 5 damage)
dagger x 2 (+ 2 CS ease; 2 AM; 4 damage)
self bow x 1 (100sc; 2+1 AM)
> arrows x 12 (6 damage)

Pack: 3 sets clothes, shoes x2, toolkit/belt, flint and tinder, bedroll, lamp+2 oils, tarp, 20m rope

Other: Riding horse w/bit, bridle, saddle, wooden box w/groomsman kit, holy symbol

Holy items: holy water x2, incense of focus + 2 (12 hours), Mantle of the Mongoose – + 1 evade (Daruphet – 10 rounds;5 synergy), Rastur’s Strength Elixir (+ 2 MUS; 30 minutes) x2

Purse = [Silver Crowns] 100+40+45
TROPHY’S: 2 holy symbols of Elancil followers



Jiles was an apprentice farrier in Belmain to the Foxgrove Stables in Tadeus. His father taught him what he could, though the constant quarreling with his older brother and mother eventually caused him to leave home at an early age. In Tadeus, he began to do repairs for the Oak Lodge – the church of the Wyld Faith. From ages 10-16 he was taken in by the church and taught some of their ways. He was definitely a natural study as far as animals were concerned – helping rehabilitate them and continuing his handy-man help. He teacher, Connor Rait, instructed him in the ways of a follower of the beast lord. However, he was a man divided – finding his calling both in faith and in the secular community. At 16, he took up with Darrow Bros. Crofters and for a year helped them get their operation going. A man named Harpher Knap kept trying to get him to spy on the brothers. After the brothers grain operation was going (somehow they managed, though Jiles could not see how – there was never enough business), and decided to strike out on his own and try and get away from the politics and intrigue.

It was about this time, in 9142 (month 6) that he met a group of travelers. In his time at the Darrow Brothers, he understood they were something more than who they said they were – there were always travelers stopping by. This group was the first that looked imposing, classic mercenaries and freebooters. They went their way, and some trouble was rumored to have been stirred up by them. They returned to the farm, well damaged and in need of healing, is all he knows. He asked his employers to introduce him in order to see if he could join them – it appears as if one of their members had been killed and their was an “open position”. Connor Rait had long told him he was not meant to stay in Tadeus, and this was his sign…

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Jiles Swone

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