Pekki Netherwood


Halfling male;


Owns the Blackfoot Stables in Dunstrand City; has an interest in 2 merchant ventures – he won’t say which. He won’t deny some minor connections with the underworld either, but down plays it all. His job is to track the black market goods and gangs in southern Dunstrand. Its a large territory, but not much action – thats all potentially changing if the Riverdans rise up. He has watched the impact of the war and his superiors believe something is happening in Bar-Innis that may change the balance of power. They have tried to stop the adventuring group based there and failed, and now due to lack of funds and resources in the area, the guild feels it may have to adapt to a large change. They would rather be ahead of the game, and control it and have charged Pekki with getting information on all the families. Pekki has himself traveled around much of the area and knows many of the players and knows the the long suppressed regions of the Riverdans holds many a surprise still. He has gathered the group away from Bar-Innis and seeks use them to gain the information he seeks. He is shrewd enough to know his actions are also being watched… and so the game begins.

Pekki Netherwood

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