Spydens Mirror of Records

A mirror which records what is reflected


These hold a mirror copy of what they are exposed to. Have cheap gemstones around the edge, rubbing each brings up a specific ‘page’ recorded or flips through recorded pages. A few are known to have the power to read-back or describe what is in the reflection. Rumors persist of a select few which can record not just images, but action as it happens. Some where even said to be able to tell truth in the reflection – though this has never been confirmed in 3000 years.

The most minimal of these mirrors is known to be able to hold 100 images, while others 300-400…


Spyden was, by all accounts, a strange an eccentric magus totally obsessed with the pursuit of lost knowledge. Knowledge of any sort really, which he brought back from his many travels. He was versed in alchemy, inscription, and sorcery and considered by many to be the greatest academic magus of his age, nearly 3000 years ago. He was the son of a wealthy nobleman and his studies bankrupted the family by the time he had learned from three masters. His early adventuring career did not begin until he was in his 30th year, and lasted almost a hundred before he passed away. He eventually made his home amidst the wizards of Naizon, near the Vale Evander in the south. When he passed away, some of his most prized possessions – his Mirror of Records, were given each to a different magus he had know or their apprentices.

For hundreds of years, the recipients pried loose the secrets of the mirrors – each slightly different, and the more powerful ones possessed of guardian spirits, to bring forth the stored knowledge with them. Most of it was formulae’s, esoteric and occult knowledge, personal journals and notes, and half finished research. The secret of actually making them was never found. It is rumored by many that a demon told him the secrets of their making, and the polished surface was so smooth and perfect that only elemental or occult means could be used to create it. A total of 107 were cataloged, though the abilities of each still remain a mystery. They have remained a stable fixture within the magus culture – masters and brotherhoods passing them down to those apprentices or members century after century.

Spydens Mirror of Records

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