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  • Jiles Swone


    Jiles was an apprentice farrier in Belmain to the Foxgrove Stables in Tadeus. His father taught him what he could, though the constant quarreling with his older brother and mother …

  • Pegren Whitehall

    Pegren is a simple fighting man - uncomplicated and even tempered. He has served as bodyguard, caravan guard, delivery man, bouncer, and when his luck was down an enforcer (though he did not like it) for local gangs. Having witnessed the battle in …

  • Samedi

    Samedi ran from slavers who smuggled him into the north lands. He was found by followers of the strange cult of the Shag-ged One - followers of the beast lord who wear ragged clothes (though bathe and cleanse themselves normally) and emulate the ragged, …

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