boisterous follower of Daruphet, prankster


Human, male, nakrian; 5’10", 150#, left handed, bald (shaved), brown-green eyes
Mannerisms: loud and boisterous, he takes little notice that he is different from everyone else or the stares that he gets. He is a constant flirt. He smiles all the time and loves to play jokes.
> Loves top hats; picked one up at a carnival!
Abilities: Faith Aptitude 2, Kinetic Aptitude 2, Rural Upbringing, Generalist
CRD 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
PER 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
INT 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
CHA 6 (+ 1 CS on affected skills)
Size: 11


Good Luck, Conviction 1, Tithe (50%; buries it), Poverty (starting: none), Provision (mild), Natural Armor (PV = 1; Sacrifice), Blessed Service, Code of Conduct, Synergy Pool (20), Environmental Adaption: thermal [-1 damage, + 1 CS survival, half healing rate “on the road” from bonus to ‘care’ facet])


Combat: Melee 1+1, Evade 1+1, Soak 2+1,
Communication: Galdnorian 4, Nakrian 2, Persuade 2+1, Feline 1, Crow 1, Canine 1, Bee 1
Athletics: Climb 1+1, Jump 1+1, Swim 1, Mobility/Run 1+1
Knowledge: Lore: Riverdans 1, Lore: Dunstrand 1, Lore: Religious 1, Lore: Arcane Items 1
Other: Medical Aid 3+1, Agriculture 1+1, Animal Handling 1+1, Geography 1, Zoology 1+1, Botany 2+1, Brewing 1 (mead is his favorite)

Faith: Daruphet/Cult of the Shag-ed

Synergy: 20 [10 from Pegren]
Grace: Sanctified
Blessings: 14
Rites: Coming of age, Marriage, Sanctify (indoctrinate)
Prayers: Boon (1), Test of grace (1;max 1=grace factor), Vigil (2)
Gifts: Abeyance (walking Dead/Undead; Conviction check; affects Conviction +1)
Rituals: Offering, Ritual Test of Grace, Cleansing,
[Minor] > Aid (medical aid level or int in healing), Wariness (target a follower; enemies – 1 CS attack, – 1 damage)
Learnings: Soak, Shaged Cover (PV)
Observances: Widdershins 3 times before lying; bargains always sealed with strange handshake and turns
Anathema: Conviction >= PV of armor worn


RESILIENCE 11×5 = 55
Familiarities: staff
Tactics: If possible, Samedi prefers to talk (language and persuade checks) with nearby animals to get intelligence on his enemies first. Otherwise, a strong, overwhelming offense – all out attacks – is preferable over any delaying tactics or fighting defensively. Fights should be settled swiftly.


EC = 11×4 = 44
ENC of items carried = 16+10 = 26
Armor: [carried] leather vest (1/10) + 1 PV natural
Shield: [carried]
Weapons: [carried] heavy staff (4 AM/11 damage) @2

> Damage bonus = + 5 for melee weapons

leather vest x1 (1 PV/10 PR; 1 fit=11 Enc; 10 silvers)
heavy staff x1 (4 AM/11 damage; 6 reach; 31 Enc; 50 silvers)


Medicine satchel:
salve: 10 points / burn balm: 4 points (10 max)/ poultice: 3 pts x 3
mustard wrap: 3 (relieves 1 malaise overnight)
> Rastur’s Strength Elixir (+ 2 MUS; 30 minutes) x2
> Epona’s Endurance Elixir (Toughness 4xSTA; 1 hour) x2
> Fiongala Craftiness Exlixir (+4 Stealth/Camouflage; 1 hour) x2

Bedroll: pillow, 2 sets ‘shaggy’ clothes, 2 pair laced sandals, eating kit, shaving kit, fire kit, 3 candles, grease tin (waterproofing), sack x2, 1 weeks rations, mead
> silver crowns: none
> Holy Symbol
> Holy Water x 3
> incense of focus + 2 (12 hours)
> Mantle of the Mongoose – + 1 evade (Daruphet – 10 rounds;5 synergy)


Samedi ran from slavers who smuggled him into the north lands. He was found by followers of the strange cult of the Shag-ged One – followers of the beast lord who wear ragged clothes (though bathe and cleanse themselves normally) and emulate the ragged, jovial, strange ways that the beast lor himself is said to take on when he wanders the land in human form.

The followers of the cult are very physical, and unlike the purist and organized followers of the other Wyld Faith branches are often found wandering roads and places in between civilized lands – protecting travelers and sacred places through fighting what battles they must. They wear little or no armor, and use only natural weapons – clubs, staffs, fire hardened spears, lasso, sling, etc. Despite their split disciplines, their god grants them the focus to learn some warrior’s trades suck as soak and even some specialty skills that grant them a natural like armor to make up for their observance of the lords animal nature and lack of real armor.

Samedi regularly hears his lord’s voice in all the animals around him. His goal is to seek a great wrong, a great evil and find those that redress that wrong – that is the sign he is looking for. It is then that he will know his path. Like the sun shinning in the deep woods, Daruphet will call forth all woodland beings together – himself and whatever he finds on that path. He knows they will not be like him, it will be as the bear walking with the fish. But it will be his path. That path will carry him to where he can do the most good! He will embrace his new brothers and sisters and hopefully show them the oneness of the beast lord – the sublime essence of nature. There is a place for all kinds within that experience – violence, peace, passion, calmness, desire, satisfaction, greed, good, evil – all are accommodated and Samedi can weave it together into a force which can accomplish whatever Daruphet intends through him.

Character Point Record

6/12/2011 +3cp

Action Point History

6/12/2011 +6ap =8


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